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5 Dangerous Side Effects of Meth You Need to Know

Knowing the Dangerous Side Effects of Meth Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death...   The opioid epidemic in the United States is a crisis, and methamphetamine addiction knows no social, economic or geographic boundaries. Because it is highly addictive and people can have a serious a... Read More

Codeine Addiction: 5 Fast Facts

Codeine addiction can cause serious problems in your life, and professional help is almost always needed to end an addiction....   Codeine is a prescription opioid painkiller used to treat mild to moderate pain. Like all opioid painkillers, codeine is highly addictive, and codeine addiction le... Read More

5 Behaviors of an Alcoholic (And When to Get Help)

These Are the Classic Behaviors of an Alcoholic Who Needs Help...   One of the largest areas of research concerning alcoholism is how this addiction affects the personality of an individual. In fact, the behaviors of an alcoholic are usually quite distinct. Here are five behaviors of an alcoho... Read More

Things You Should Know About Meth Addiction

Meth addiction is a very serious and dangerous disease. Learn about the side effects and treatment options....   Methamphetamine (meth) is an extremely addictive stimulant that works on your central nervous system. Meth is used in various ways, by various means, such as: injection, smoking, or... Read More

Hydrocodone Side Effects

Learn more about the hydrocodone side effects, hydrocodone timeline, and how to properly begin to recover from addiction......   What Is Hydrocodone? Hydrocodone is an opioid prescription drug most commonly used to treat moderate to severe pain. The drug is also an antitussive that can be used... Read More

Doylestown Drug Recovery

Thinking about quitting but don't really know where to start? Doylestown drug recovery centers is your first step....   You have made up your mind about stopping your substance abuse. You are aware of all the implications it has and you know quitting is the best thing you can do to regain cont... Read More

Painkiller Addiction

Painkiller Addiction (Doylestown, PA)...   Are you, or someone you know, suffering from a painkiller addiction? Learn more about the signs & symptoms...   Pain medicines are intended to alleviate pain that arises from surgical procedures or injuries. They may be issued under a doctor... Read More

Suboxone Found In Pittsburgh Sex Trade Crackdown

Suboxone Found In Pittsburgh Sex Trade Crackdown...     Pittsburgh police arrested 61 johns and nine prostitutes as part of a national effort to quell buyers. Two johns are also strapped with drug charges when they tried to exchange Suboxone and cocaine, in addition to money, for sex. Twi... Read More

Addiction: Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction: Drug Withdrawal Symptoms (Doyles Town, PA)...   The pathway to recovery from substance abuse always begins with halting drug use. However, many substance abusers that have tried and failed to stop their addictive behavior will tell you that drug withdrawal is the primary reason they... Read More

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